Wonder ActivitiesA playful path is the shortest road to happiness

The educational setting is very important for learning and a general sense of happiness. Both our indoor and outdoor facilities are beautiful and inspiring. The inside and outside spaces are directly connected and function as an integral whole, facilitating the flow of materials, ideas and learning. According to the Montessori philosophy, nature is an integral part of the environment in which the children learn to grow. The activities at Wonderland have been categorised based on the space in which they are carried out:

  1. Inside Classroom
  2. Beyond Classroom
  3. Beyond Boundaries

In the ClassClass rooms are fun when you are surrounded by play

The indoor space is designed to be both beautiful and functional. Our indoor rooms are generally bathed in sunshine during the winter months, and are full of natural light all year long. The school is set amidst natural environs surrounded by meadows and gardens. Many of the windows open to allow direct fresh air into the room. The furniture is child-sized and comfortable. The playrooms are divided into many smaller, intimate areas to enable focused and uninterrupted play. There are a lot of natural materials and colors.

Indoor Materials

The indoor materials consist of a large assortment of open-ended materials such as pine cones, bits of string and cloth, clothespins, hardware, disks of wood, logs, wooden blocks, etc.

  • A variety of safe, quality art supplies
  • A selection of real, regularly tuned, quality musical instruments
  • Adequate numbers of developmentally appropriate toys, puzzles, games, and books
  • We aim to bring a Wonder Child’s home life into the preschool and the preschool life to their homes, by including family photos, familiar objects, and cultural familial traditions in our classroom whenever possible.

Outside Classlet’s have some fun out here in the sun

Located in the heart of the city of Delhi, Chanakyapuri, the school has lush outdoor facilities and a variety of natural and cultural resources. The location offers extraordinary play and learning opportunities in every season. In addition, the school houses a number of facilities including Sand Pit, Ethnic Village, Kitchen Garden, Playfields, Splash Pool, Tennis Court, Recycle Garage and Traffic Park. The facilities ensure that the Wonder Children have an abundance of opportunities to explore, gather, learn, and play.

Outdoor Materials:

Outdoor playscapes are well stocked with tools and materials for all kinds of outdoor play and discovery, including:

  • Tools for digging, building, gathering and examining, such as trowels, shovels, buckets, sieves, wheel barrows, magnifying glasses, jars, spray bottles, etc.
  • Materials to inspire imaginative dramatic play, such as kitchen tools, dishes, dolls, dress-up clothes, small furniture, etc.
  • Open-ended materials to extend and facilitate imaginative play, such as lengths of material, clothespins, string, pieces of junk/treasure, and of course, all the natural materials found outside
  • Various art materials including paints, brushes, crayons, glue, tape, yarn, scissors, clay

Outside the SchoolOut we go into the world

The capital city is a home to a number of historical as well as modern wonders. Wonderland is opportunely situated in close proximity to many such marvels. Wonder Children are periodically taken out for excursions and knowledge tours to help them appreciate the benevolent past and relish its richness. We undertake the following visits outside the school:


  • Metro Museum
  • Rashtrapati Bhavan



  • History Walks
  • Social Walks
  • Farm Walks
  • Nature Walks