Wonder CurriculumSetting standards, early in life

Children have amazing, powerful learning capacities. Naturally curious, they strive to understand the workings of the physical and social world. We encourage children in their pursuit of knowledge and experience with a minimum of limitations on their learning goals.

The Wonder Curriculum is uniquely designed to include subjects such as Communication and Language (including one foreign language in addition to English), Science, Mathematics, The World, Music and Art. Our curriculum blends highly individualised research-based methods, community engagement, and plenty of outdoor fun and learning.

Through individualised focus on children, we help them reach their unique developmental potential. This is partly achieved by giving children more adult time, attention and energy by implementing a high staff to child ratio. The Wonder Curriculum is built using the following pillars:


The program focuses on the outdoors and the natural world. We encourage children to learn more about the environment, recycling and natural resources. However, the curriculum is not limited to developing environmental awareness.


We strive to use the best practices in early childhood education by staying current with research developments, and incorporating the best ideas in the field.


As a team, we work together to be flexible, open and attentive to the children’s evolving interests and to capitalise on these learning possibilities.

Real-life Context

The learning is rooted in authentic experiences – tasks that are purposeful, meaningful and relevant to the children’s lives. This way, the children are more interested, and stay interested longer.


The Wonder Curriculum uses play and real-life experiences to drive learning and achieve curriculum goals. Plenty of uninterrupted blocks of play-time are available throughout the day, to allow Wonder Children to become fully engaged in their play and learning.

Outdoor Learning

Wonder Children spend as much of their day as possible outdoors. Amidst the natural outdoors there is an abundance of sensory experiences, more diverse gross and fine motor challenges, varied open-ended materials, and endless opportunities for imaginative play, all of which are crucial to development.

Community Engagement

By being active in their community, young children develop the abilities to form social connections that will help them build the social and emotional intelligence necessary to excel. We seek meaningful relationships with community organisations to find and create learning opportunities and strive to create a healthy community culture within the preschool.

Art and Music

Music and art are powerful tools to motivate and engage children. We incorporate music and art into the daily rhythm of Wonderland and use it as a tool to aid learning. We have musicians amongst our staff, and real instruments amongst our tools of learning, which we keep well-tuned.

Our curriculum is based on the best international learning methodologies. Upon completion of our program, children will be well prepared for subsequent learning in any educational model.

FledglingsAge group 18-24 months

Fledglings comprises of children from the age of 18-24 months. Since this is the first time a child steps out of their comfort zone, their home, to learn, this is a parent-child program.

This program instils the will to learn in our Wonder Children and encourages them to soak in the Montessori environment.

This environment requires the children to come in thrice a week with a parent, to ease them into the concept and idea of learning.

SparrowsAge group 24-36 months

When our little Fledglings grow old enough to begin to learn spreading their wings with just the teachers to guide them, they move on to the Sparrows environment. Children from 24-36 months learn, live, play and laugh within this environment.

Using Montessori apparatus, children begin to acquire the skills for gross and fine motor skills, language, vocabulary, olfactory and auditory skills.

PenguinsAge group 3-4 years

Our happy birds, the Penguins, are the eldest of all Wonder Children in the school. From 3-4 years old, we equip these children to step out of Wonderland, and into the bigger learning and education system.

By the time the children reach this level of learning, they are enhancing and on their way to mastering the various skills they acquired in the Sparrows environment.