What They Don’t Teach You at School

The curriculum for life, is different from the curriculum for school. Children need to learn basic life skills that go beyond academics, to be able to lead a better life. Learning how to make friends, how to interact with different age groups, how to cook a meal by themselves – these are simple things that go a long way in building a quality human being.

School provides education, which is the basic ground work in our development. It gives us a good academic foundation, upon which we build ourselves.

But is School all we need?

School is where we spend a better part of our lives, hence it is natural to think of it as a necessary system, that we pretty much need in our formative years. But School doesn’t teach you beyond the curriculum, so it is by no means a sufficient system.

When you think of your young one, what is it that you want her to learn? Her school subjects will teach her and prepare her for the road ahead, but there are other components that will go a long way in ensuring she is well equipped and ‘life-smart’.

How can your child learn to be life smart?

Across all age groups, children can learn how to be life smart by learning crucial social skills that enable them to befriend others easily, and be confident. Summer camps are a great place where children can pick up these skills.

Summer camps allow for children of different age groups to mix in a more relaxed and fun environment. Children learn to collaborate with others, developing important skills like team-work, leadership and communication. Besides that, the focus of summer camps is to develop and polish the facets of personality that otherwise get left out. Having multiple activities like dance, music, art and more, Summer camps are also a great place to help your child unleash her creative genius. There is freedom to learn at your pace, in a more creatively-oriented space.

Launchpad is one such camp where children can imbibe the life skills they need, in a fun-filled environment. A summer camp having a gamut of activities ranging from music, dance, theatre, painting, lego & robotics and more – Launchpad is the perfect place to give your child the gift of a curriculum more oriented towards life.

For further details, visit www.wonderland.edu.in/launchpad

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