6 Summer Activities for Kids to Keep Summer Slide At Bay

The onset of summer vacations has begun, and this is a time of great excitement as kids trade in their textbooks for lazing around at home. It’s always a time of great relief for parents and children as they ‘put school away’ for a few summer months.

However, if children are not engaged in activities during this time – they often fall back in their studies. Most often than not, they find that they have forgotten things and they fall behind their peers. This phenomenon of summer learning loss is called ‘The Summer Slide’ and it occurs when children forget academic material after taking long breaks from school.

Research suggests that:

  • On average, students lose about two months of grade level equivalency in math and reading.
  • Teachers spend the first four to six weeks of the new school year re-teaching material from the previous year.
  • Summer learning loss is cumulative; over time it can create a gap of two and up to five years by the time students reach high school

How to counter the summer slide?

The summer break is a great time to engage your child in fun, playful activities so that she doesn’t fall behind on learning. It is a time when you can carefully plan out your child’s calendar and fill it with engaging, meaningful and relevant activities that spur on her imagination.

Here’s a helpful list of summer activities for kids, that will help counter the adverse effects of a summer slide.

#1 Reading time

Encourage your child to read for 15 minutes every day. Plan visits to the local library and spend time reading with your child. For younger toddlers, invest in picture books as they love looking at pictures, and read out to them.

#2 Encourage math skills

Encourage math skills in your child by creating number books of things you collect or do over the summer

#3 Writing Skills

For older children, encourage them to practise their writing skills by writing letters to relatives, sending post cards, keeping a summer journal or authoring an online blog

#4 Start ‘unplug-time’

Allocate an hour or two each day to completely switch off all gadgets and spend time with family. You could play board games like ludo, snakes and ladders etc. or even word games which will encourage your child to build her vocabulary.

#5 Music Hour

Set aside an hour each day to make your child listen to her favourite music, and encourage her to learn songs. You could even enrol her in a music class, where she can pick up a new instrument or learn music theory and how to sing better.

#6 Summer Camps & Workshops

Summer camps or workshops are a great way to ensure structured summer learning for kids. They have a gamut of summer activities for kids, and provide learning in a systematic way. One such summer workshop in Delhi, is Launchpad.

Launchpad by Wonderland is a multi-activity workshop for kids aged between 3 to 10 years. With a variety of activities like dance, music, drama, lego & robotics, scientific cooking & baking and phonics – Launchpad is the perfect place to ensure your child has fun and is engaged in useful learning. Besides being a memorable and enriching experience for your child, Launchpad will also boost her confidence and develop her all round personality.

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